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Financial Savvy Training - Holiday Camp Programme

This program is an highly focused financial education camp targeting age 7-16 and combines real-world education with easy-to-understand modules to further enhance learning.

The 3-5 days camp base courses with cover topics such as:

⦁ Basic Savings
⦁ Process of opening bank account
⦁ Money management –
⦁ Income and Expenses,
⦁ Setting Financial Goals
⦁ Junior entrepreneurship
⦁ Tapping into your passion to make money
And many more…

Money Genius – Programme for Schools

This is an interactive money wizard programme, designed specifically for schools to focus on financial education geared towards helping young generation to make well-informed choices and encouraging financial responsible behaviour. This is aimed at the following school ages:

⦁ Junior School age 7 – 11 year olds
⦁ Senior School age 11-16 year olds
⦁ Young Adult age 16-18 year olds

Money Smart - Programme for Parents

The root of financial education for kids starts from parents, our mission is to assist parent to learn and understand the importance of legal and financial issues so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and have the ability to transfer this knowledge to their kids.

This programme will run for 2-3 hours and is aimed to cover the following:

⦁ Budgeting and Planning finances
⦁ Facing debt
⦁ Saving to achieve goals
⦁ Choosing financial products and managing everyday money.

Our aim is to ensure that the participants will develop a personalised action plan so as to help them transfer their learning into real life.

Money Wise – Mentoring programme

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Who We Work With

⦁ We work with schools
⦁ Work with Various Organisation to deliver financial education as part of their CSR
⦁ Holiday Camps
⦁ Youth Group

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