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About FSA

Financial Savvy Academy (FSA) stems from being passionate about educating the younger generation on the importance of managing finance based on our personal experiences and consequences of bad financial decisions.

This program will focus on financial education geared towards helping people make well-informed choices and encouraging financial responsible behaviour
Born out of the need to teach our kids that money is something to be understood and respected, Financial Savvy Academy (FSA) is the beginning of the end of financial mismanagement and misunderstanding.

By combining financial education courses for kids through external school curriculum programs as well as financial education holiday camp, FSA desires to make learning easy through fun and interactive ways to teach kids and young adult money matters.

The FSA financial curriculum ranges from age 7 to 16 and combines real-world education with easy-to-understand modules to further enhance learning.
FSA is not just a product. It is a pathway to developing mind-sets that will ensure children not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out.

FSA aims to promote in youths, the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours required to be financially independent. This is critical to our children’s future because each person’s informed financial decisions help shape the country’s economy into the powerhouse it has the potential to be.


– To empower a financial savvy future generation

Our Mission

– To unleash the financial GURU in every child

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